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State budget address wordcloud

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Transcript for state budget address

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner gave a budget address, despite not actually having a budget for the past year.  As you can see, he mentions “education” quite frequently, which isn’t surprising, since that was his platform.  What IS surprising, however, is that education was even his platform, higher education in the state has been majorly struggling.  Now, that ends up becoming an issue of bipartisanship, with both Rauner and Speaker Mike Madigan not wanting to negotiate in a way they should, which has pushed the state into almost a year long budget impasse.

This is newsworthy because it shows the topics that the highest government official in our state is speaking and thinking about.  This is also newsworthy because a budget address was given for the next fiscal year when we don’t even have a budget for the current fiscal year.

Using a word cloud makes it easy to see what the governor is talking about and what topics are most prominent in his speech (budget, education, reform, taxes, etc.) which can show what the governor’s agenda is more like.

I didn’t have any issues getting any information of this because the full transcript of his budget address was available online to me.